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BDDY App let's you find people around you based on common interests. With the help of BDDY App now you can decide what to do, when to do it and find like minded friends to meet and share experiences with.
“Wow, a very unique experience. I made many friends during the fresher's week at university. Thanks BDDY App Beta!”



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An APP that helps you find like minded people who share your interests.
Works in real-time to help you connect with and make new friends.

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Build meaningful friendships - bringing social app experience to the real world!


Have you ever wondered how exciting it would be to be able to make new friends based on common interests and then explore interests together? Whether in your home town, during university or while travelling abroad? 


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BDDY Activity Requests are sent in Real-Time & Time-Bound.


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“Couldn't have found so many local friends for exploring vibrant Spain without BDDY App Beta”



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Get ready for a new way of making friends

An interest centric approach: do what you like, now with new friends!

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